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Submitted on
November 26, 2012
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        Welcome to the Winter festival of fun!            


The winter festival of fun is based around two words ..... fun and wacky! , this is what each class is about , having fun and doing something wacky on your horse! , want to have fun? or want to be wacky? then read on!!!!

There are many classes to enter at the show , and all breeds are accepted , real live breeds , and also the ones made up on dA (Nordanner , NWB ect.)

Foals and yearlins may enter aswell as vetrans and adults , each class includes something "special" about it , some classes are more wacky than others.


  • No tracing (gridding and skeleton tracing is fine just don't trace the outline!)
  • No rudeness (respect your fellow competitors!)
  • Pre-registration required ,  send the fourm to me in a Note la by guest1738 (note)
  • Training image NOT required (they do get 2 extra points)
  • Stories are required (even a 3 line one just showing the riders feelings)
  • Photo backgrounds allowed 
  • Riders and handlers must be pictured (arms for handlers are fine stickmen are accepted but deduct two points)
  • Headshots are allowed (if you enter with a headshot you get deducted points over 1/2 body and you won't)
  • Whips and spurs allowed 
  • Handlers must be over 12
  • Riders must be over 12
Pre reg
Horse name:
Ref sheet:
Rider name:
Special requests (I need a dog design for agilty , or I need a vetran design for S-J):
Anything else:


Foals / yearlings:
Halter : You must draw your foal participating wearing something special .... tinsel and a santa hat , perfect for the more spooky foals as lots of training will be involeved for them to be brave enough to hadle that sparkly flapping tinsel.

Pole jumping : You must draw your foal going over a course of ground poles , but each pole is special , some are covered in snow , others in grass , how can your foal resist the grass? , well you have to train them not to stop no-matter what the distractions , perfect for the aspiring show-jumper.

Agiltity : You must draw your foal participating in a dog agility horse , you must have a dog leading your foal to show them what to do! (special dogs are designed for your participating foal)

Adults (over 3)

Halter : You must draw your horse being led around the arena (they will have to step over tarpualine and walk through a fake snow storm)

Show jumping : You must draw your horse and rider jumping / approaching / refusing our vetran horse jump (a calm vetran lies on the floor and accepts the horse and rider jump him/her) (you need to order a vetran design)

Cross country : You must draw your rider jumping the first cross country obstacle with your horse running beside them (the rider must jump the first two obstacles themselves and then vault onto their horses)

Dressage : You must draw your rider competing their dressage test in an arena of fake snow and the rider must be riding bareback.

Vetrans (over 18)

Halter : you must picture how bombproof your vetran is maybe have him walk through water being spayed on tarpualine.

Ridden class : You must draw your vetran beong ridden , but not by your rider , by... a cat! (you will need to order a cat design)


This show is based on effort and something that goes wrong
  • Effort compared to your gallery (0-10)
  • Technique  (0-5)
  • Creativity (0-5)
  • Pose and lighting (0-10)
  • Colouring and shading (0-10)
  • Training image (+5)
  • RNG (1-3 points deducted for something that went wrong)

Where is the event being hosted?

The event is being hosted at Foxtail-Manor Nordanners.

Indoor arena - has dark green walls and a sand filling
Outdoor arena - has brown fences and a rubber chip filling
Pathways - pathways are gravel


Foal halter , Adult halter , Vetran halter - afternoon (dark) - lit indoor arena.
Pole jumping , showjumping , dressage - morning (light-cloudy) - outdoor arena.
Agility  Ridden class , cross country- mid day (bright-sunny) - outdoor arena.


1st ) One headshot from Seele-Studio (note her) , One cooler rug , One fullbody image picturing your horse in the cooler , two breedings to any two of my horses.
2nd) One heashot from me , one fly mask , one halfbody image of the horse in the fly mask.
3rd ) One headshot from me , one whip , onle headcollar , headshot of horse in new headcollar

Everyone : RIBBON!!!

Need prize donators , please comment if you can donate!

Running from - NOW!!! to 21st january!
Pre-reg ends- 25th december!
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deathangle101 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Will you be doing more fun shows like this in the future?
Krispz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
entry here: for the dressage in the outdoor arena editing the description and story now...
TavieTastic Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
when do we need to pre register by?
thank you :)
ARoseforChance Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
25th December , says in the journal description
TavieTastic Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
sorry having a blind moment!!
ARoseforChance Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
It's fine!
HeartOfStoneRescue Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Just asking, with foal agility, is a human handler required, or is the canine handler sufficient?
ARoseforChance Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
the canine is leading the foal , but if you want to the handler can be pictured , like maybe at the side shouting encouragement to the foal
HeartOfStoneRescue Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
hee, i stuck a foot in the image just in case, wont bother with the second one though :D
AustralianShepKennel Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Is there a journal with entries? Or has no one entered yet?
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